Published On: Mon, Dec 24th, 2012

Environmentalists, locals to urge Myanmar President to review pipeline project

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Environmentalists, social organisations and local people in Myanmar said on December 21 they will urge President to review the proposed Myanmar-China crude and natural gas pipeline project.

Forestry Expert U Ohn said, “While I met Chinese authorities, I suggested them two requirements for their investments. The first one is the consideration of Chinese investor for Myanmar people. The second one is ‘transparency’ on possible benefits at both sides.”

Myanmar will earn US$6.9 million each year for ‘right of way’ fee, and one dollar on one tonne of crude for ‘transit fee’.

At the completion of the project, the country will also receive 100 million cubic feet of natural gas each day for Rakhine State and central Myanmar each day, according to the statement of Ministry of Energy.

Myanmar will also buy two million tonnes of crude from this project each year for the domestic use.

Foreign investment in Kachin, Rakhine, and Shan states of Myanmar mostly come from China—Jade and timber extractions in Kachin State; oil and gas in Rakhine State and mining in other states.

China invested in hydro-electricity power projects in many parts of the country.
Presently, 34.5 of the country’s total foreign investments are from China.

In a 2008 report on China’s investments in Myanmar, the Earthrights International (ERI) identified at least 69 Chinese multinational corporations (MNCs) involved in at least 90 hydropower, oil and natural gas, and mining projects in the country.

Chinese ambassador to Myanmar told the media on December 7 that their government would not change its policies on Myanmar due to the protest against the Latpadaungtaung copper mine project, but it was concerned that investments of Chinese companies in Myanmar might decline.
The controversial mine project in central Myanmar is being operated by Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited and China’s Wanbao Company.


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