Published On: Fri, Dec 18th, 2015

Total invests US$800 million in LCB Ruby Project to maintain Yadana natural gas project beyond 2020

The LCB Ruby Project, located beside the Yadana natural gas project site, aims to produce natural gas when the Yadana project expires. The France-based Total Co is implementing three new gas projects, with as much gas from these projects as possible to be sold to Thailand, said Mr Xavier Preel, the general manager of Total E&P Myanmar Co Ltd, which operates the Yadana natural gas project.

Total plans to implement three natural gas exploration projects, including the LCB Ruby Project, the YWB Deepwater Site and the A6 Deepwater Site near Ngwe Saung.

“Right now, we are implementing the LCB Ruby Project. It is located beside the Yadana project. About US$800 million have been invested in it. Natural gas produced from this project is aimed to maintain the Yadana project’s gas output beyond 2020. We also have a plan for the YWB Deepwater Site in 2016. The next one is the A6 Deepwater Site near Ngwe Saung, which still in the research stage. We have expectations because if these are successful, they will also bring valuable success to Myanmar,” said Mr Xavier Preel.

“The gas from these projects will mostly be sold to Thailand. The Yadana natural gas pipeline will remain even after its 30-year lifetime,” he added.

A total of 800 million cubic feet of natural gas are sent to Thailand every day from the Yadana project, which produces 800 billion cubic meters per year. About 200 million cubic feet are distributed to Myanmar daily. The distribution contract is valid until 2020, said Mr Preel.

The Yadana natural gas project, which has already been underway for about 20 years, is operated in cooperation with PTTEP, UNOCOL, Total, and the Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise.

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